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Recommend Reading and Books of Interest


This section contains a variety of resources from our library for Irish Terrier enthusiasts’ use to include recommended readings, general information videos, relevant research, a wealth of “how to” documents, historical documents and many other types of resources.

Brochures about the Irish Terrier (click to view):  

1) Congratulations on Your New Irish Terrier
2) An Introduction to Owning an Irish Terrier
3) The Irish Terrier – A joy and a responsibility


Books about Irish Terriers:

(Most of these books can be purchased through online sources)

1) Irish Terrier by Lucy Jackson

2) The Irish Terrier: a Complete Anthology of the Dog published by Vintage Dog Books

3) Irish Terriers by Edna Howard Jones

4) How to Raise and Train an Irish Terrier by Drusilla and George Kidd

5) Irish Terriers by E.S. Montgomery

6) Irish Terrier by Helga Richter-Lonnecke and Andrea Gasch (written in German)

1997 Irish Terrier Club of America Breed Book

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