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(a) Application for Membership, including a Personal Statement
(b) Sponsor’s Recommendation
(c) The Code of Ethics
(d) The Annual Dues and Fees Schedule


1. Read the ITCA Constitution and Bylaws found in The Club section of this website – you are asked to abide by them and sign a statement stating so on the Application for Membership.

2. Read the ITCA Code of Ethics – you are required to submit a signed copy with your Application for Membership.

3. Carefully and completely fill out the Associate Membership Application including a personal statement about your experience with dogs, how you came to know/own Irish Terriers, and what led you to wish to join the club.

4. Prepare a check made out to the ITCA for the appropriate amount based on the Annual Dues and Fees schedule.

5. Send your sponsor the completed Application for Membership (2 pages), a signed copy of the Code of Ethics, the Sponsor’s Recommendation page. Ask your sponsor to complete the Sponsor’s Recommendation and then have your sponsor send ALL three documents to the Membership Secretary at  If you do not have a sponsor - please contact the ITCA President

6. The application forms can be filled out electronically or by hand. Email completed forms to your sponsor, and mail your check to the Membership Secretary below.

7. Once the completed application packet has been received by the Membership Secretary, copies will distributed to the ITCA Board of Governors for consideration. This process may take some time. Contact the Membership Secretary using the contact form below if you have any questions about the process or the forms.

Questions? Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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